Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Beef - a highly marbled and luxurious beef.

Wagyu beef is a highly marbled and luxurious beef. Wagyu cattle are fed a high energy specially designed diet to ensure marbling, quality and tenderness.

Marbling is the distinctive fine white flecks of fat that weave through the meat. This is Mono-unsaturated fat (the good stuff) and gives the meat its delicious flavour and fine, delicate texture. Generally the higher the amount of marbling the higher the grade of meat. Aus-meat marbling grades range from 1-9. The highest score in Australia is 9 and this product demands a premium market. Wagyu fat has a lower melting point that normal beef. Wagyu can be used for all your usual beef dishes but as with all high quality produce often the simplest is best.

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Wagyu Beef Marbling Chart