• 4 x Angus Beef Sirloin Steaks - About 250-300gm
    Sirloin: One of the most popular cuts, this piece of beef is a great mix of tender and flavour. It’s also known as porterhouse or striploin. Ideal for grilling, pan frying, or as a primal it makes a great roast.

  • 4 x Angus Beef Cube Roll Steaks - About 250-300gm
    Cube Roll: Also known as scotch fillet or rib eye, this cut is popular not only for tenderness, but also richness in flavour. Best enjoyed grilled or pan seared.

  • 1 x Angus Beef Tomahawk (Approx 1.5kg)
    Tomahawk: The tomahawk steak is an incredibly tender steak with buttery, rich flavour. This particular cut of steak is also referred to as the "cowboy steak" or a "bone-in ribeye".

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